This is a list of projects I’ve contributed to or worked on past and present. This list includes some contract work, but does not include work done for my long-term employers.

Current Projects

Pearly for Get the beta on TestFlight

An iOS app to view, manage, and quickly create PURLs on

Landing Page

Completely rewritten with React, I've created "Draft" scorecards for the Upgrade podcast.

zmknox / draft-cards


This website is run on Cloudflare Pages and Jekyll. It has info about me and my projects.

zmknox /

Completed / Inactive Projects

AnotherLens Get the beta on TestFlight

An iPhone app allowing you to get a sense of what it is like to see through the eyes of someone with a vision impairment or disability

Landing Page

Bingo Card Generator

Started as a simple Node.js/Express app to generate ‘bingo’ cards for major events (like Apple keynotes) filled with predictions using a JSON file. Has since been simply hosted pages on my website with various bingo cards.

zmknox / bingo-card-generator


This was a project made for my introductory computer science class’s year end project. It has a couple bugs but it fully playable. I hope you enjoy it.

zmknox / Breakout

Hackathon Project: Almost Birdie

I worked with a few others to create an app to play a putt-putt golf game using an iPhone and a Sphero.

Devpost page

Privacy on the Internet (2015)

My second 'explainer' video, this time on internet privacy. When creating this, there was a lot going on in the news regarding Apple being asked to unlock a suspect's iPhone, and I thought it would be a good final project to explain for one of my classes.

YouTube Video

SRCT Stickers for iMessage Download on the App Store

We've always enjoyed sharing stickers to members and guests at SRCT meetings, and I made it possible to do so in iMessage as well!

zmknox / SRCT-Stickers

SRCT Weather

Weather apps all provide similar information, so it’s a nice playground to try new things. SRCT is building a mobile-responsive website to show the weather for all of the Mason campuses, in a pretty web app.

SRCT / weather

Stadium Full Screen Browser Download on the App Store

A full screen browser for iOS with support for custom user agent strings. It used to support game controllers, but was removed from the App Store for "using public APIs in a manner not prescribed by Apple".

VICE story about Stadium being removed

Contract work with Myke Hurley of Relay FM building a site to display all winners of their annual Upgradies awards show. Built with Node.JS and React.

What's Open for iPhone Download on the App Store

SRCT provides an API for determining which resturants (and other locations) around the Mason campus are open. The goal of this project is to use that API in a native app using native Swift and UIKit.

SRCT / whats-open-ios

WWDC18 Scholarship Application: The Need for Accessibility

My submission to Apple’s WWDC scholarship application. I used my Swift playground to show the importance of accessibility in software design.

zmknox / WWDC18-Scholarship-Application

YouTube Video

WWDC19 Scholarship Application: Vision Disability Filters Camera

My submission to Apple’s 2019 WWDC scholarship application. I built camera filters that should the symptoms of different eye diseases.

zmknox / WWDC19-Scholarship-Application

YouTube Video

I have also contributed to some SRCT projects that may not be listed, which you can find here: SRCT.