You may remember my interactive draft scorecards for the Upgrade podcast. I’m back at making podcast-based web apps again, this time in a more official capacity.

I’ve worked with Myke Hurley to build a site holding a hall of fame of Upgradies, their annual awards show, winners and runners up:! I had a good time making it, and hope you all enjoy it!

Some interesting bits about the site:

  • I created the site using React. I find React pretty easy to work with, and I found the components nature to work well for a site like this with repeated content like Award entries.
  • The iTunes Store API is really useful. I used it to grab image links to use for various apps, movies, or podcasts.
  • For the 2014 awards, I needed to find an image for Mailbox for Mac—an app that no longer exists :(—and wasn’t sure what to do. I then realized that I still had my copy of the Mailbox beta on my machine, so I could grab it from there!
  • Check out the 2018 Game of the Year award. I added a random selection for the displayed image because I couldn’t decide which box art to use.
  • Confetti is cool.

Also be sure to check out the 2018 Upgradies episode of Upgrade!